Earn Form Blog - Part 04

Blog Your Way to Beaucoup Bucks’

Blogging is a website (don't worry no website skills needed) that you update every
day with posts about your chosen subject.  Visitors can comment on your posts for
others to see.

Using your blog as a billboard
There are several websites who will pay you to post product reviews on your
website.  They are paid by the company who owns the products.  The products can
range from consumer durable goods, consumable goods, or just about anything
you can think of.  The blog has to be approved by the company and has to remain
up for a specified length of time.  There usually has to be a qualifying statement
that your post is a paid advertisement.

Using your blog as a review site
Another way to use your blog is to post product reviews of affiliate products.
When someone buys the product you're paid a commission.  You can post reviews
of books you've read that are available on amazon.com and link to the books as an

Ads on your blog
If your blog has somewhat of a following in a certain niche and gets a reasonable
amount of traffic, you can use pay per click (PPC) ads to generate some revenue.
The more traffic to your blog, the higher the potential for click throughs, the more
money you can earn.  AdSense by Google is a very popular PPC company but
there are others.

You can also use a blog to sell products as an affiliate.

Live Journal
are just a few of the free sites where you can quickly and easily set up your blog.

Pick a market niche you're familiar with as the topic for your blog.  Every day post
on your blog.  Of course that's not all you need to do.  You have to get people to
your blog to read it and hopefully click on your paid ads, or on the products you're
promoting as an affiliate.

Most of the blog sites are searchable by keywords.  Search on the same words
you've used for your site to find other blogs.  Then leave a comment on the
relevant blogs and include your link to your own blog.

You can submit your blog's url to search engines so if someone wants information
on 'how to raise guppies' and that's the subject of your blog, your blog shows up
for visitors to find.

With a little bit of research and time you can become successful and increase your
bank account with Online Marketing just by blogging.

Get paid to blog


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