Make Money Writing - Part 01

Ghostwriting articles 

Ghostwriting articles
You have to have some writing talent to ghostwrite articles. You do need to be
organized, able to research topics quickly, summarize the main points and write
the article in a clear way, with correct spelling and grammar. The article length
can range from 200 words to 1000 words or more. Payment is usually by the word.
For beginners, a 500 word article can be sold for about $5.00. An accomplished
ghostwriter can charge up to $30 for a 500 word article.

The client gives you the topic and any key words that must be included in the
article. How long it takes to write the article is dependent upon how much you
already know about the topic and how quickly you can find the materials you need
to research the topic. It is possible, working at a steady pace, to write ten 400-500
word articles in one day. That's $100 at $5 per article.
Both Digital Point and The Warrior Forum, Warrior Special Offers (WSOs) have
threads where people offer their services for sale. You can post an offer at no cost
on Digital Point but you have to have been a member and have 15 posts to your
name in order to do so. Warrior Forum also requires that you have been a member
for awhile and there is a fee to post a WSO. However, you can still earn money
through these boards.
Join both of these groups. Scan the posts on the WSO thread and the Buy-Sell-
Trade board at Digital Point. Offer your services to the people who are asking
questions about the services currently offered, or who have said they've bought the
service. Do this by the private message function on both boards, not by posting on
the thread.
Place ads on craigslist and usfreeads offering your service. 

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