Make Money Writing - Part 02

Posting Your Way to Dollars 

Post on forums

It has been shown that people don't want to post on forums unless there are already
posts. New forum owners pay people to post comments, start threads, and respond
to other threads in an effort to get some forum action going. As the forum grows,
the level of posting increases until paid posts aren't necessary.
Forum topics have a huge variety. There's probably a forum for just about any
subject.  Usually a paid poster has to have at least some knowledge of the subject
to post relevant comments. There can be a minimum word count for the posts.
Posts of "I agree," "Me too," and "Thanks for the info," are too short and don't add
anything to the discussion, so forum owners don't want to pay for them.  Posting
on forums doesn't pay a lot, perhaps as little as 10 posts for a dollar.  Find the jobs
on Internet marketing related websites like Digital Forum

Post on blogs

You can be paid to post comments on blogs much the same way you can be paid
to post on forums. Pretty much the same criteria applies, the posts can't be too
short and have to be relevant to the subject matter.

You can search for offers of 5 posts for a dollar.  If each post takes a minute you
would have to work a little over 8 hours to make $100.

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