Make Money Writing - Part 03

Writing Articles for Pay 

There are sites that pay for content.  Most of the sites require that you post your
article first and wait for a buyer to come by to purchase your articles.

AssociatedContent buys the article from you.  The pay is minimal from $3 to
$5per 500 word article.  However there are occasions where Associated Content
has paid up to $50 per article.  The articles can be submitted on an exclusive basis,
meaning they aren't and won't be posted anywhere else, or nonexclusive, which
means you've used the article elsewhere.

It takes a day or two for Associated Content to review the article and make the
offer.  You are not required to accept the offer and can withdraw the article.  It
takes another two days for the article to be published and then two or three days
for Associated Content to make the payment to you.

Place ads on craigslist and usfreeads offering your service.

Websites that pay for articles:


There are a number of sites you can post articles, tips, or essays to.  You get paid a
share of the earnings of the ads that show up with your article.  The more popular
your article, the more views, the more revenue you can earn.

Sites that share ad revenue with writers

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